Lampiran: Topik-topik untuk sub-bidang






1. Power Electronics Converters

Power converters –topologies and control , microcontroller system designs, FPGA, automotive/industrial electronics

2. Machine and Drives

DC drives, induction motor drives, switch reluctance motor drives, soft starting techniques, drive control techniques.

3. Power Systems

Fault analysis, protection system, power system stability and control, transient, load flow analysis

4. Energy

Demand side management, energy efficiency, energy monitoring systems, renewable energy,

5. High Voltage and High Current

Gas insulated system, solid insulators, MOVs, lightning protection and grounding, EMI, device modeling

6. Engineering Management

Investment/finance , project management, process/operation management, plant maintenance




1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotic systems , automotive controls, neural network, Artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition, vision system

2. Mechatronics

Manufacturing, automation, motor control, microcontroller applications, embedded systems, PLC.

3. Classical and Modern Control

Computer aided control system, robust control, real-time control, intelligent control

4. Instrumentation, Process and Measurements

Industrial process, signal processing, tomography, instrumentation, sensors, metrology, SCADA.

5. Computer Systems and Multimedia

Computer hardware, software, multimedia applications, networking, courseware development




1. Digital Systems and Microprocessor

Microprocessor/microcontroller based system design, FPGA, digital systems design, DSP hardware.

2. Digital Signal and Image Processing (DSP)

Image processing, voice/speech/pattern recognition , digital filters, compression techniques

3. Micrelectronics andVLSI

Analog/digital IC design, testing, device characterization,, reliability/defect modeling, fault analysis

4. Networking and Computer System

Computer networking, computer hardware & software, multimedia application, courseware development

5. Electronics System Design

Industrial, automotive electronics, electronics equipment design, PLC, computer aided learning (CAL)

6. Medical Electronics.

Medical equipment design, rehabilitation equipment design, medical imaging, telemedicne.



1. Data Communication and Switching

Telephony, traffic management, routing, data encryption, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

2.  Computer Systems and Multimedia

Multimedia communication, distributed network, Internet Management Information System , ISDN

3. Optical Systems

Optical devices, optical communication systems, fiber optics technology, optical switching,

4. Radio and Microwave

Wireless communication, antenna design, satellite communication, propagation studies, software radio, digital com.

5. Acoustic and Sound

Acoustic & sound system design, acoustic modeling, adaptive noise control, underwater acoustics.

6. Microprocessor and Digital Design

Microprocessor/microcontroller based system design, digital systems design